fell in love with a starship captain

Robert Pattinson

Since no one's posting anything, I'll start off. (Don't be shy!) I'm sure that by now, everyone knows Robert Pattinson's been cast as Edward Cullen, and here's a pic of him from Vanity Fair that I came across. Obviously, we've all got different images of the character in our head, but if you look at his features closely here, I don't think it's a bad fit at all.

Slightly larger version.
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fell in love with a starship captain


Welcome to twilight_daily, for your Twilight movie photo-related needs. Like all the other _daily communities out there, this is a picture comunity.

Currently, there probably won't be a lot of activity yet, as the movie has only started casting, and it'll be a while before it actually comes out, but hopefully, at that point, you'll find this community more useful.

Meanwhile though, feel post any photos of the actors and actresses as they are cast. Please keep in mind that photos that are posted directly should be a reasonable size, and anything bigger should either be linked to, or placed under a cut with a smaller preview outside the cut.

Twilight will be in theatres in 2008. It will be filmed in Vancouver, Portland, and Forks.

No fics or icons please, thank you.
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